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Our Kindergarten room offers children a comprehensive play based emergent curriculum based around the Early Years Leaning Framework Outcomes and KSMAL’s Curriculum.


The children are continually developing their readiness for school through the key learning area of our curriculum such as the arts, language and literacy, mathematics, science, technology, health and physical education and the natural environment.

The Kindergarten children are introduced to different learning concepts through both child and educator initiated experiences, these develop and change throughout the year as their skills develop.


The children are given many opportunities to go on excursions, parents are also welcomed to be involved with excursions, coming along on the visits to Primary Schools and of places of interest within our local community. In Kindergarten we have high expectations for each child as they get ready for their foundations year. We recognise that every child can learn, but some children require different opportunities and support to do this. By working with families we endeavour to support and extend children’s learning.

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