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3 Year Old Kinder.

Our Pre-Kinder program endeavours to create a loving, safe and challenging environment for each individual child as they discover, grow and develop. Children are continuously encouraged by our Qualified and Passionate Kinder Teacher and Assistant Educator to develop their individual self-help skills of eating, dressing and toileting themselves and therefore developing their well being.

In our  Pre-Kinder Program children are learning about themselves, establishing their own identity, developing a sense of independence within their world and within the wider community.
3yr old Kinder offers a wide variety of experiences ranging from pasting, drawing, painting, home corner, dramatic play and block play while ensuring our children are learning through play.
Our spontaneous and intentional mat times include songs and stories and discussions on various topics which engages children to further develop their social (turn taking, sharing) and language (listening and communications) skills, while also teaching them of the value of being a part of our community.
This is where we encourage children to develop key communication, learning and thinking skills. This will form the foundation for learning as they transition to kindergarten the following year.


3yr old Kinder is run from our Kinder room on Thursday and Friday,

Families are able to chose one of these two days that would suit them and their child best.

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