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Prior to children commencing care, we encourage a visit from both the child and parents/guardians.
This provides an excellent opportunity for the child and parents/guardians to familiarise themselves with educators within the centre and environment.

The enrolment and child profile forms provide educators with essential information to learn about your child and assists educators in getting to know them. The aim of this is to ensure an effective curriculum is carried out to meet the individual needs of every child according to their age, stage of development, interests and needs.

To assist with the orientation process we discuss with each family how orientation will take place. A family may choose to introduce their child through shorter days until the child seems settled. Another option may be for the parent to stay in the room for a set period of time. We recognise that this individual to each family and we will discuss this during the enrolment process.

Some children may be assisted by bringing a special toy or blanket in from home. This is also something that can be discussed during enrolment so that educators are fully aware of the individual needs of your child. We understand that leaving your child for the first time can cause anxiety for some parents, therefore, it is important that both parents and educators work together to build the special relationships necessary for a successful orientation.

Please feel free to download & print off your enrolment forms below. All forms must be complete & handed into the office prior to start date!

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